Solar e.V. – Germany

Since 2011 the non-profit association Solar e.V. gained experiences in the implementation of local and transnational projects in the field of political education. Methods and pedagogical approaches of non-formal education …

Asociatia A.R.T. Fusion – Romania

A.R.T. Fusion is a youth organization that tries to offer a realistic perspective over the struggling problems of our Romanian and global society nowadays. We want to change the attitudes …

Adam Bahar

Solar e.V. – Germany

Adam is a freelance-member of Solar e.V.. He works as political and empowerment-educator since 2015. With his own migration experience and as an activist for the rights of migrants he is especially interested in the development-process of this new educational tool. Besides the work in this project, he is part-time working for Glokal Association in the project “Without paternalism”.

Alexandra Tomescu

A.R.T. Fusion – Romania

Alexandra works with very different target groups in non-formal education programs and in organizing events. She often collaborates with A.R.T. Fusion and she has responsibilities in helping with the research and interviews and later on, she will be one of the tutors in applying the Simulation Game that will be developed through this project.

Anna Lugaresi

CIDAS – Italy

Graduated in Political Science at the University of Bologna, Anna immediately specialized in issues related to immigration through a master’s degree in Venice and worked both as a social worker and as a desk operator in services for immigrants. Since 2013 she has worked for Cidas Social Cooperative, that provides services in the areas of Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna. After a good experience as a social mediator for the Municipality of Ferrara, today she coordinates a European project to improve the access of foreigner people to public services. For Cidas she is also the contact person for the “In the Footsteps of a Migrant” project.

Béla Nordlohne

Solar e.V. – Germany

He is a member of the collective Solar e.V. and responsible for the partner-meetings coordination and the communication between the partners. He is a political scientist and started anti-racist educational work at schools in rural Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during his study times. In political education, his main interest is the (further) development of non-formal learning methods and the use of intersectional educational approaches.

Daniela Ordonez

Solar e.V. – Germany

Daniela is from Colombia and has a bachelor in Political Science. She works in Solar e.V since August 2018 as a volunteer. In the organization she works in different projects but mainly she is involved in the development of the simulation game. As part of the Solar e.V. team, she helps with interviews, research and with general tasks for the development of the game.

Farah Shretah

Refugee Company – the Netherlands

Farah is a filmmaker and responsible for the production of videoclips and additional development of this simulation game. She has a diverse background. She started her education in Syria and then her study took her to Ukraine where she got her film academy diploma. Then she moved to Dubai where she started building her career and get exposed to the international filmmaking industry. She is now based in Amsterdam. She is part of the Netherlands team working on this game, helping with her experiences to develop this method and share the benefits out of her experiences as a refugee.

Hend Charaf

Refugee Company – the Netherlands

Hend is an architect, she is part of the Netherlands team and is responsible for the design, research and development of the simulation game. She studied architecture in Damascus before moving to Dubai, where she worked for three years in an international architecture company. She is now studying for her Master’s degree in architecture in the Netherlands and working on the game, using her experiences to help develop the content and the (spatial) design of the game.

Jens Herrmann

Solar e.V. – Germany

Jens is the responsible coordinator for the project “In the Footsteps of a Migrant”. He is in duty for the task-control, financial and administrative control and the quality management of the project. Jens is a political scientist and works in the nonformal-educational sector since 20 years.

Marie-José van Schaik

Refugee Company – the Netherlands

Marie is the project coordinator for the team in the Netherlands and responsible for the local management, the research and development of the simulation game. She studied Cultural Anthropology and specialised on the topic of migration. She has worked together with the team members of Solar eV in several training courses in political education on the topics of migration, inclusion, anti-racism and postcolonial perspectives. She also works for several NGOs in the Netherlands with migrants and refugee children. Through her personal and professional experiences, she developed a strong political position in the migration debate and is committed using her own privileged position to fight for a better world.

Raafat Ballan

Refugee Company – the Netherlands 

Raafat is responsible for the illustrations and taking part in the development of the simulation game. Raafat was born in Al Swaidaa, Syria, in 1990. Having grown up in an artist family drew him toward paintings and drawings in his childhood. As art became part of his life he studied in Damascus university at the faculty of fine arts from 2008 to 2014. During his art education, he developed himself as a painter. He lives now and works in the Netherlands. In his work he uses art as a tool for people to express emotions different than with words, especially for people who experienced war or any kind of conflict.

Roxana Turcu

A.R.T. Fusion – Romania

Roxana is one of the A.R.T. Fusion members who studied Social Work and has a great interest in developing learning tools. She is in charge in conducting the research part of the project and the interviews with stakeholders from the migration process, both consist the basis for the game developed.

New name for the game and logo

After months of negotiation and discussion we have finally decided on a name of the game! As our project name “In the Footsteps of a Migrant” was according to some …