Become part of a unique learning experience! Join the Try Out of a new educational role-play game on the topic of migration.

When? 18 – 22 March 2019 (including traveling days)

Where? Berlin, Germany

Costs? Costs for traveling*, food and accommodation are covered by the funding of the
Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Who? Facilitators, trainers, educators, social workers…

Mandatory conditions:

– Older then 18 years
– English language skills (B1/B2)
– No part-time participation

– Living in Romania, Germany, Netherlands or Italy (nationality is not important)!

Optional criteria:
– Different level of knowledge and experience on the topic of migration
– With and without own migrant and/or refugee experience
– With different levels of knowledge and experience in non-formal education
– Expertise on human rights law
– Expertise in developing educational tools and games

About the activity:
After one year and a half our consortium finished the draft for the European version of the
role play- & simulation game “In the footsteps of a migrant”. We will use the try out activity to test, evaluate and discuss the non-formal educational tool together with you. That means
you will get to know our new role play- & simulation game and will help us at the same time
to improve the tool and to make it better. The participants of the game will experience
processes of migration, the (legal) procedures in the arrival country and the process of
inclusion. The game should raise awareness on the complex reality of asylum procedures,
migration policies, border control and the role of media. The game will show the (in)human
side of what migration entails, it will be an interactive learning experience in which the
unimaginable becomes imaginable. We have chosen for a transcultural cooperation to
promote an European perspective and approach to connect the topic of migration to the
different sectors of education on an international level.

For more information on the project, click here.

Your benefits:

The simulation game will be published as open-source, which you can use for your own educational work. The game will be designed for different target groups and in different levels of complexity and besides the European version we will offer national versions of the game. Additionally, you can apply to join our Tutor Training, which will take place in September/October 2019 in the Netherlands and where we teach you how to facilitate the game.

The location of the Try Out will be not be barrier free. We apologize sincerely for the

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please fill in the application form. Please submit the applicatoin form until 13th of February 2019 via this link.


For questions, if you are not sure if this activity is suitable to your professional and learning needs and for more information about the application procedure, contact your local organisation: contact.

*corresponding to the reimbursement rate of the Erasmus+ program.

This project is co-funded by Erasmus + Program.

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