CIDAS- Cooperativa Inserimento Disabili Assistenza Solidarietà – Italy


CIDAS (“Cooperativa Inserimento Disabili Assistenza Solidarietà”), is a social cooperative of type A and B that operates in the field of personal services. It provides social and health services for elderly people with disabilities, educational activities for children and adolescents, health transports, it manages services for the reception and integration of migrants, deals with social mediation and job inclusion.


Cidas is a Social Cooperative and we take care of people. It works with pride, professionalism and competence building relationships based on listening, support and trust. It faces and solves new situations every day, making the ability to change and innovate a precious resource. Cidas wants to develop, alongside traditional ones, new services. It commits itself to grasp and define the needs expressed by the Company and the Communities, to create and offer answers and solutions that improve people’s lives.


CIDAS activities refer to seven sectors: old people, people with disabilities, transport health, social mediation, job inclusion, education, reception and integration.

Regarding the “In the footsteps of a migrant” project, Cidas offers all its experience both from the educational point of view and the reception and integration of migrants.
From an educational point of view, Cidas has experience in the management of after-school activities for children and teenagers, summer camps, meeting places such as playrooms and multimedia centers.

It has many years of experience in the management of reception services, protection and integration of applicants and holders of international or humanitarian protection, even with psychic vulnerability and unaccompanied foreign minors, integrated services for immigration in local authorities, intercultural mediation and teaching Italian to foreigners, services for the reduction of damage in prostitution and support for victims of trafficking.