Transnational common working phase 1 – Berlin

At the end of September 2018, one member of each partner organisation (except for Romania) met in Berlin to start the first common working process on the European version of the game. Within one week a lot of data from the research was collected, analysed, reviewed, summarized and discussed in order to collect the fundamental elements of our educational method. From the interview results with migrants, a flow diagram was made following each step that the person took in the migration procedure. Different stations were identified along the way that are part of the migration field, such as: the embassy, smugglers, (border) police, foreigners authority/immigration office, reception centre, asylum seekers centre, NGO/religious institutions/civil society supporters/migrant (self) organisations, labour office, language & integration school, municipality, lawyers, detention centres/repatriation service, IOM, court and last but not least the media/journalists. The result is a clear visual playfield that will become the basis of the game development.

Other topics that were discussed were target groups, pedagogical aims, levels of complexity, additional modules etc. We have also identified some gaps of topics that are very relevant in the migration field but are now missing from our research results. For the next common working phase this additional data will be collected in order to fill these gaps. We will also work on the first migrant character scripts in order to continue our work on the flow diagram in the next meeting.

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