Transnational common working phase 2 – Berlin

During the second common working phase in Berlin in October 2018, again one member of each partner organisation got together and continued the development process of the European version of the game. The focus was mainly on the migrant character scripts and which elements to include in their roles. We looked at the diversity of perpectives covered and collected additional perspectives that we need in the game. Another topic that was discussed was the identification of the different ‘stations’ in the game, representing institutions, locations and other relevant actors in the field of migration. We collected the most relevant procedures, tasks and functions of the stations in order to design the scripts for the game. 

For the next common working phase the homework is to create scripts for the ‘stations’ and the additional flow diagrams to make procedures visualised. This will not only be helpful for the development of the game, but also as a visual element in the script for the players. Additionally we will rewrite the migrant characters scripts in order to provide a rich text with the background of the people, so we will provide them with a history and make it easier for the players of the game to step into their footsteps.

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