Transnational partner meeting #2 – Amsterdam

The partners met in Amsterdam at the beginning of March 2018 with the main goal of discussing the research phase process and its results. The discussion focused on administrative aspects for migrants and refugees in partners’ countries and also in Europe, legal issues that one might encounter in this matter, civil society voices and initiatives, and also statistics on migration. The debate about the results was very intensive and revealed many similarities as well as differences from country to country, and the need to establish a common ground for the qualitative research phase with relevant questions addressed to the right people that will help us to develop a proper tool. 

Besides working in smaller groups for the research discussion, the participants realized a SWOT analysis of the project that was debated and people could come up with solutions for weaknesses or threats. In the first part of the meeting participants had the chance to visit Humanity House – a museum of senses and stories about migrants and refugees, the Black Archives – an archive and exhibition space on black history and colonialism, and We Are Here – a migrant self-organisation and activist group of undocumented people in Amsterdam. Those visits were really inspiring and gave us new perspectives and viewpoints to take with us in the development of our educational tool.

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