EU Version of MINOSIA LABYRINTH toolkit

The following links will provide you access to the full toolkit of Minosia Labyrinth in the European version. For other regional/country version toolkits please choose another language of the website. Minosia Labyrinth is a open source toolkit published under CC license. It is free to use and open for further developments and cooperation. The toolkits contains hundreds of document files. Due to the fact, that facilitators of the game will often need specific documents for their facilitation and that documents will need improvement, supplement and adaptations with the time the files are presented in a drive-structure. You will find all document in fixed formats like pdf and jpg so that you will get the same results when you print them. The Print format for almost all documents is set to DIN A4 in order to make printing easy and cheap available. When you click on the following links a drive-page will open and you can browser through the documents-structure. The data is sorted by the country versions and the different editions of the game.

  1. The European version – complex edition
  2. Special files of the European version – less complex edition



The full toolkits of Minosia Labyrinth accessible on this website are licensed under:

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Please click on the link above for further copyright informations.