Asociatia A.R.T. Fusion – Romania

A.R.T. Fusion is a youth organization that tries to offer a realistic perspective over the struggling problems of our Romanian and global society nowadays. We want to change the attitudes of the people in our global community, together with other society members, to help find solutions to the problems that the community is facing.

A.R.T. Fusion’s mission is to create social change by encouraging members of the community to take responsibility. We also have a powerful slogan: “You are the motor of change!”. A.R.T. Fusion’s vision is a world where each of us is aware of their role in society at a global level and brings a contribution to the community they want to live.

A.R.T. Fusion’s activity is focused on two dimensions: social responsibility and global responsibility. The methodology that we use includes the forum theatre method, living library, street campaigning and global education

A.R.T. Fusion was founded in 2005 and since then we could say that we developed most of our activities through Youth in Action Program and ERASMUS+, by participating and organizing projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The methods we use the most are: Theatre of the Oppressed, Human Library, Global Education, Street Animation Campaigns and a big package of tools from Non-formal Education such as world cafes, open space, etc.
We work at a national level delivering trainings, mentoring and taking step by step community development for social-economically poor areas in Romania and we work also at international level developing capacity building schemes for different regions of the world.
Our target groups are: young people, practitioners that work with young people and adults, teachers, NGOs, institutions.

All our projects are based on the Non-Formal learning methodology and we have always tried to work not only with NGOs, but also with schools and other educational institutions in order to spread the non-formal education power and to strengthen the collaborations between actors of education in order to offer a more integrated service for those who are learners. We worked in penitentiaries with young inmates and developed Forum Theatre plays, guides and curriculums how to be applied the method by their teachers. Currently we are present in various communities in Southern part of Romania in order to put together the stakeholders of the community in working and delivering results for improvement of their communities by using non-formal methods: world cafes and human libraries. We are also coordinating 2 international projects for capacity building: intercultural aspects of global education and another focused one on human rights and theatre of the oppressed.