Call for Tutors: Want to become a Tutor of our new educational role-play game on migration? Join the Tutor Training!

When? 22 to 27 September 2019

Where? Ameland – The Netherlands

Costs? Cost of travelling*, food and accommodation are covered by the funding of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Who? People interested in becoming a tutor of the educational role play- and simulation game “Minosia Labyrinth”


  • Preferably people who live in Germany, Romania, Italy or the Netherlands. However, we welcome people from other countries that have easy connections to one of the countries mentioned above.
  • Abilities and experience in facilitation of trainings/workshops/group activities.
  • Experience in non-formal education.
  • Willing to stay involved in our (local) network.
  • No part-time participation.

*Corresponding to the reimbursement rate of the Erasmus+ Program

About the Tutor Training:

After a first try out the experience of the game Minosia Labyrinth – which took place in March 2019 in Berlin – and with help of the feedback and evaluation made after the activity, the consortium reworked and upgraded some parts and elements of the game. As a result, the final European version is now ready. The next step in the project is preparing people who are interested in becoming facilitators of the game.

The tutor training, that will take place in the Netherlands, will be divided into two parts: 1. the theoretical section where participants will attend workshops and activities to get informed about the facilitation process and learn how to be game tutors; and 2. the experimental section where participants will have the chance to put into practice their abilities as tutors. During the tutor training, the game will be played and participants will experience on the one hand the game itself and on the other hand how it is to be a tutor of Minosia Labyrinth.

For further information on the project and our previous events, click here. Or read the experience of one of the players here.

What are your benefits?

“Minosia Labyrinth” will be published as an open-source educational tool to be used for educational work all around Europe. Joining the tutor training is a unique opportunity to learn and improve your abilities as a facilitator and become part of our local network. At the end of the activity, you are trained as a facilitator and you will be able to use and implement the game for your own educational work or together with us.


Want to be part of the Tutor Training? Please fill in the application form until 30 June 2019 via this link.


If you want further information or if you are not sure if this activity is suitable to your professional and learning needs, you can contact your local organizations via the contact form, we are happy to answer all the questions you have.

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