First german-speaking “Travel-group to Minosia”

On July 28th the time had finally come and a first German speaking “travel group” could start an online trip to Minosia. Punctually at 10 a.m. our tour guide received the twenty or so curious multipliers* at the virtual “Gateway to Europe”.
The multipliers had previously slipped into the roles of migrant game characters of the EduLARP. Just like in the real game they found themselves at the gates of Europe, at the border of Minosia and could decide to try to get entry papers in the central embassy of Minosia, to accept the help of smugglers who offered themselves to them or – if they had them – to simply enter Minosia with their documents.

After about 45 minutes of play we gathered all together in a virtual conference room and everyone slipped out of their character roles again and briefly evaluated their experiences. Now the information and exchange part began.
At first we went into the project history and background. Afterwards we explained the central elements of the Minosia method and then came into the exchange with the participants about target groups and the applicability of the method. The last part was dedicated to the exchange about networking opportunities and future planned Minosia projects.

The second Minosia presentation event for multipliers* will now follow on August 22nd. This time we meet personally in the rooms of the Refugio in Berlin-Neukölln. The “Festaal” offers us enough space to also meet the conditions of the offered corona infection protection.