Journey to Minosia

We invite all actors* in political, racism-critical and transcultural educational work: Minosia, to the land of possibilities and dreams!

We offer you the unique opportunity to enter Minosia and have a unique experience! Slip into the role of a migrant and spend a few hours with us in Minosia. In a colourful group of migrants you will get a taste of Minosia’s important institutions and go through the usual bureaucratic procedures. Get your own impression of the chances and integration possibilities Minosia offers YOU! Minosia is the place of dreams and visions for people from all over the world.
The free offer is only valid at the opening of Minosia and the number of participants is limited. Secure your place in the virtual tour group now before others beat you to it!

The first 40 applicants* who meet our requirements will be able to join the travel group and will receive our detailed travel package including schedule digitally immediately after selection.

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(Attention: The journey will be in German language!)

General travel information:

Minosia is a fictitious European country in the EduLARP (educational-life-roleplaying game) of our new method “Minosia Labyrinth”, which was developed in an international team. In Minosia Labyrinth the migration and integration situation is played with the help of migrant characters and institutional actors*. Divided into migrant characters and personnel, the players pass through various stations that are typical for a migration and integration process in Europe. Minosia Labyrinth can be played by diverse – also mixed – groups of adults and youth). It sensitizes to the situation of migrants and integration issues, generates empathy, deconstructs stereotypes and prejudices, conveys knowledge about the complexity of migration processes and makes the players think about their privileges. It also increases the perception of global dependencies and historical backgrounds of migration. How to do this? Find out on our journey.