Report from another powerful Minosia implementation in Berlin

After felt endless times of covid19 pandemic we have been very happy to start with our first Post-covid intentional Minosia (ML) training Seminar beginning of October 2022. More then 30 people came together in Berlin to join the 5-day training course on Migration and Inclusion.
Participants from Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Germany came together to get to know each other and learn with an about the ML method. After the group got to know each other, expectations and safe-space-commitments have been exchanged we jumped directly into the topic migration. Many of the participants had own migration and flee experience so that the connection with the topic was from the beginning very close. Second day we opened up the EduLARP and had a more then 3 hours implementation of the EduLARP. Fun, tears, stress and curiosities only have been some of the feelings the participants went through.

Already the first impression round after the play time was very intense and the EudLARP showed it’s advantage of bringing people very close into the topic, the stories and their own feelings related to this. This brought us to a very intensive debriefing and reflection-day and which we used a big set of methods from the Minosia toolkit and brought together all the results with the reflection matrix method. We started with writing a letter to the character the people “played” went on to reflect the personal level and then the institutional and society-level of reflection. Finally people made commitments on what they want to take with them after the experience.
The following day was mainly an outside-day in the town. We made a guided tour with the migrants self organization International Women Space and luckily joint the remembrance assembly at Oranienplatz that celebrated 10 year anniversary of the refugees protest at Oranienplatz. Many participants followed the powerful speech of Angela Davis and saw the exhibition on the place.
The last day was dedicated to methods and best practice exchange between the participants and the final evaluation of the event.
The full program of the week is available as download SHORT Program Minosia Oct 2022_komplettin short version.