Tutor training: the journey of the project continues….

From the first try out of the game in March this year, more work has been done so we can improve the impact of this role play experience. Above all, the name of it has been chosen by the development team: ¨Minosia Labyrinth¨- that has been inspired from the Greek mythology where the Labyrinth was an elaborate, confusing structure designed for King Minos of Crete with the purpose to hold the Minotaur monster. A second representative part from March on is the rework of the game. Based on the feedback collected and during the partner meeting in Bușteni, the main conclusions were taken of how the game can be improved.

The second try out of the game happend over the „tutor training’’ phase. An important part of the project is to equip new faciliators to implement further on such learning experiences. During 22nd-27th September the beautiful island Ameland, in the Netherlands hosted a group of around 35 people interested and involved to talk about and explore the migration topic.

7 out of 45 were the tutors/the facilitators, that at the first try out they were playing the game, but this time they were the ones preparing and managing the „playing time” – 3h30min and as well , the debriefing and evaluation of the game. X players had the role to step into the characters of the migrants or of the representatives of different stations that in reality are part of the journey (i.e.  Immigration office, Asylum center, Court, Police etc) in order to create the needed environment for the tutors to practice how would be to facilitate “Minosia Labyrinth¨ game. 10 of the organizing team representing the partners of this project, together with the filming crew and our dear cook Saskia managed to lead to the end a very complex learning process composed of two parallel working groups coming from different countries and cultural backgrounds with different life experiences to better understand or help understand the labyrinth of migration.