New Women Connectors – the Netherlands

New Women Connectors (NWC) is a social change movement that advocates for feminist ideals. It is led by migrant and refugee women from diverse backgrounds, who share common experiences and strengths.

We enable refugees and migrants to connect to each other and decision makers to challenge, shape and transform policies and processes that affect them. We do this by facilitating inclusive learning spaces to co-create solutions towards the meaningful participation and representation of migrants and refugees in decision making processes.

At New Women Conenctors, we imagine a society where the expertise and contributions of refugees and migrants are valued, and in which they have equal access to power. Moreover, we believe in the ability to shape society through our unique perspectives and experiences, and through our meaningful participation.

Our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable society that supports integration and empowerment. We are committed to creating a world in which refugees and migrants are seen as assets rather than liabilities. We strive to break down barriers and build bridges, shaping a community in which everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed